So what is this GimmePage.com all about?

Well, it's simple. GimmePage is a site that does what we always wanted to do. Make a page and share it, without all that complication on the way. A simple page. No signup, no forms, endless questions, confirmations, verifications and all that shenanigans. Click, click .. Bam. Done. Just gimme the damn page! Now!

And yes, we did it. No need to jump to another app to search for videos or photos. Do it all in one place. Even your own instagram, if you want it - add it.

Make a blog page. Make a news page. Make your page. Say how much you love him, or her 😊. Say that to the whole world, or not. Talk fashion, talk makeup, talk clothes. Talk movies, music videos, tv, shows. Talk politics. Talk sports. Write a poem. Or a song. Tell the whole story. Share what you wish with your friends, family, collegues... They don't need to signup to see it. Just give 'em your link. Dead simple.

Advertise if you want (we don't care). Make an ad for free!

Photographers, create your photography portfolios, free of charge.

Make a wedding invitation or congratulate on a wedding. Congratulate on birth of a child. Congratulate on graduation.
Put an Obituary. .. ahem..

Go ahead and create your free page!

Gimme Page!

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Any feedback, suggestions, ideas... Features you would like to see? Found a bug?